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Robbery is when physical force or violence is used in stealing an item or property from another’s immediate possession. Since robbery is a felony offense in DC, it is very important to hire a DC robbery lawyer whether an individual is charged with robbery or is just being investigated. An individual needs to be aware of their rights early on during the criminal case, and to let the attorney be their advocate early on in the process. A criminal attorney in DC will help you make smart and informed choices throughout your involvement with the criminal justice system to help you avoid the most severe penalties for this serious crime. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your strongest course of action.

When To Contact Legal Representation

As soon as you learn that you may be the subject of a robbery investigation, even if you have not yet been charged with a crime, your first phone call should be to a DC robbery lawyer.  Your lawyer can help you assert your rights to the police so that you do not accidentally incriminate yourself.  If you are charged, your attorney can attempt to secure your release while your case is pending.

As your case progresses, your robbery lawyer can move to throw out illegally obtained evidence.  Because the government bears the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the most important task your lawyer faces is challenging the prosecutor’s evidence.  Your attorney can question witnesses, conduct an independent investigation, and present defenses such as mistaken identification.

The right approach to robbery charges varies based on the evidence against you. No matter what the circumstances, a robbery lawyer in DC brings experience to the table that benefits you as you fight conviction.

Robbery Laws in Washington, DC

The Washington DC Criminal Code defines robbery in DC Code Section 22-2801. Robbery involves taking anything of value through use of force, violence, seizure, snatching, or threats.  To be classified as robbery, the item must have been taken directly from a person or from someone’s immediate possession.  Taking items from an empty home is not considered robbery.

Penalties for robbery include between two and 15 years of imprisonment as well as a fine.  There is an additional penalty for someone who is armed at the time of an alleged robbery making it imperative that a DC robbery lawyer is contacted as soon as you are charged.

Degree of Robbery Charges

There is only one degree of robbery in DC, however, if a person tries to commit a robbery but fails to complete it, that person may still be charged with attempted robbery. An attempted robbery is still considered a criminal offense. In order for the prosecution to prove an attempted robbery, there would have to be evidence that the accused performed some overt act and had the intention of using physical force or violence in taking property from the immediate possession of another person.

For example, a person approaches a woman from behind in a parking lot, puts his arm around her neck, and starts to pull her purse off her arm. That person could be convicted of robbery if he obtained the purse from the woman.

If, on the other hand, the woman starts to scream and a passerby intervenes, preventing the person from obtaining the purse. That person could be convicted of attempted robbery. In that scenario, the overt act would include putting his arm around the woman’s neck and pulling the purse from her arm, which would satisfy the elements of an attempted robbery.

Difference Between Robbery and Theft

There are two major differences between robbery and theft. In a robbery, the accused uses physical force or violence in stealing the property belonging to another person. Additionally, in a robbery, the accused is stealing the property from the immediate possession of another person. These two additional elements of robbery are not required to prove a theft.

For example, in a situation where a person takes another person’s wallet which is on a kitchen counter at a party, the elements of robbery would not be met. This is because no force or violence was used and the unattended wallet was not taken from the immediate possession of the owner. However, this would still constitute the crime of theft.

In a situation where a person confronts another person and demands that he hand over his wallet, this would meet the elements of robbery, so long as the owner of the wallet was put in a reasonable fear of danger due to the wallet being taken from the owner’s immediate possession.

Representation From A Washington, DC Robbery Lawyer

A DC robbery lawyer will look at all the information about the incident from the client’s perspective, as well as all the information provided by law enforcement and the government which was obtained during their investigation of the alleged crime. This will help the lawyer get a sense of how strong the evidence is against the client as well as how strong their potential defenses will be.

With respect to potential defenses, a lawyer will always consider the witnesses for the government to determine if there are any credibility arguments that can be made. The defense lawyer would also investigate whether there may be any additional witnesses who can challenge the testimony of government witnesses.

Information That Helps a Defense

When a client is charged with robbery, from a defense lawyer’s perspective some very important information to obtain would include where the individual was, what they were doing, and who they were with at the time of the alleged crime. Any evidence to suggest or indicate that an individual was at any other location at the time the crime occurred will be very strong evidence in their favor.

If an individual was with anybody at the time of the alleged crime, their contact information will be helpful if they can provide information which would contradict the belief that that individual was involved in the robbery.

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