DC Child Pornography Lawyer

A DC child pornography lawyer can provide legal advice and representation to anyone who has been accused of a crime related to prohibited pornographic materials in the District of Columbia. The penalties even for simply possessing child pornography can be life-changing, and you deserve to be represented by a knowledgeable and caring legal advocate when you face criminal charges.

The DC child pornography attorneys at our firm have experience representing clients accused of producing, distributing and possessing illicit images, and we understand how sensitive these charges can be.  Call our law offices today to conduct your free consultation with a criminal lawyer in DC and learn more about how we can help you in your time of need.

What Can a DC Child Pornography Lawyer Do For Clients?

When you first consult with a DC child pornography lawyer, your attorney will find out all of the details of your arrest and will look into the evidence the prosecutor claims to have against you.

In some cases, evidence may be obtained as part of an illegal search and your attorney may be able to help ensure it cannot be used to secure a conviction when your rights were violated.  In many other situations, people may be entrapped by law enforcement officers to commit crimes they would not have committed without being induced or encouraged.  Your attorney will explore whether entrapment is a possible defense.

There are many other legal arguments you can make to try to get a not guilty verdict, and your attorney will help you to explore the best ways to respond to charges.  Building a strong defense can help reduce your charges or minimize your penalties.  A child pornography lawyer in DC can aggressively advocate on your behalf in negotiations with your prosecutor or appearances before a judge.

What Does DC Law Prohibit Involving Child Pornography

Washington DC Criminal Code Section 22-3102 has a long list of prohibited acts related to child pornography. Under DC law, it is illegal to:

  • Use a minor in a sexual performance.
  • Encourage a minor to engage in a sexual performance.
  • Consent to a minor’s participation in a sexual performance as a parent or guardian.
  • Direct or promote a performance including any sexual conduct by someone under 18.
  • Transmit, attend, or possess a sexual performance by a minor including photographs or motion pictures/ videos.

There are limited exceptions to the prohibitions against child pornography in order to protect minors from being charged with a crime if they consensually take, send, or receive pictures of themselves or of other people who are underage who consent to the transmission.  These exceptions essentially protect an underage person who engages in “sexting,” or the sending and receiving of sexual texts, pictures, emails, or videos.

Outside of these limited exceptions, however, any involvement with child pornography is going to lead to criminal charges that can carry a lengthy prison term if convicted.

Call a Child Pornography Lawyer in DC Today

Being investigated or even arrested does not mean you are going to be found guilty of a child pornography offense. There are options for defending yourself or reducing charges and a DC child pornography lawyer will help you to explore your options. Call as soon as possible so you can respond in a strategic way to accusations being made against you.

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